It is often said that starting a business with your spouse is one of the hardest things you can do in life. We did not listen of course, and thought: "How hard can it be?" Turns out it IS actually really hard. But also really fun. We're Elin and Magnus Holmgren, and below you can learn more about our small but quickly growing family business.





As long as I can remember my head has always been full of ideas. As a kid I wrote stories, made animated movies, invented things, and even broke my toys on purpose in order to build new toys. As I grew up my ideas took me to film school, and I eventually ended up working in the glamorous (not really) Swedish film and TV industry.

I worked with everything from directing to special effects, however, most of the time I ended up working on someone else's ideas. So, when my wife also grew tired of her job, I cornered her and said "Let's start a company together and do what we want!".




What do you get if you mix a restaurant manager from McDonald's, a barista from a coffee shop, and a nail technician? Well, you get a service-minded problem solver who is used to working long hours and have an eye for details. In other words, you get me!

With Magnus being the "idea machine" of Tingletouch, my most valuable superpower is my ability to break things. Not physically of course, but I use my eye for details and my problem solving skills (thanks McD!) to spot the flaws and "break" our ideas over and over again until they are, hopefully, unbreakable.


In 2014 we started a small side-project together when we invented a card game for couples called "Bedroom Battle". When our first small print run quickly sold out we thought: "Hey, this could actually become a real business!".

We continued inventing games for couples, and before we knew it we had both quit our previous jobs and suddenly found yourselves working full-time at our company.

Now, we had plenty of other product ideas too. Ideas that were not games and ideas that were not only intended for couples. We created more and more products and eventually we changed our company name to "Multimake", since that describes what we do really well – a lot of everything.

Tingletouch is now a part of Multimake, and it's the brand name we use for our sexy and romantic products for couples. Feel free to check out Multimake to learn more about which other kinds of products we make.

Multimake AB is a corporation (limited company) based in Gävle, Sweden. We currently sell our Tingletouch products in Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, and Australia. We welcome resellers and distributors from anywhere in the world to contact us if you are interested in our products. Just send an email to


Amazon (worldwide)

Amazon is our main reseller. To buy our products from Amazon, simply navigate to our PRODUCT LIST and select the product you are interested in. There you will find direct links to that product on Amazon's stores in different regions of the world. There are buying options for most countries in the world, even if Amazon does not exist in your country.

Non-Amazon resellers

Below you can find links to our non-Amazon resellers. Please note that most of these resellers are located in northern Europe, and not all of them stock all our products. If you would like to become a reseller or distributor of our products, please send an email to:


United States

United Kingdom



Rest of the World

Sinful FI (Finland)
Sinful FR (France)
Coolstuff FI (Finland)
Coolstuff DE (Germany)
Scarlet (Iceland)


Below you can find product texts, high-resolution product shots, and product videos that you may freely use for your online store, blog posts, and news articles.

Product Texts

Product Shots

You can find product shots for all our products here: https://tingletouch.com/productshots.

Product Videos

The Love Calendar

The Love Calendar, How it works video

The Original Advent Calendar

The Original Calendar, How it works video

The Daring Advent Calendar

The Daring Calendar, How it works video

Game Rules

Bedroom Battle, English

Rules - English

Bedroom Battle, Swedish

Rules - Swedish

Poker for Couples, English

Rules - English

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